Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Sweet Spot

Red And Yellow Macaroons at The Sweet Spot

  So there's a place near  
  where I live called  
  'The Spot'  
  and there's a  
  coffee/cake/pastry shop there called  
  'The Sweet Spot'  

  They had rows of  
  scrumptious looking cakes.  
  It took a while for me  
  and my friend to decide.  

  I had the banana,  
  she had the raspberry.  
  And we both had  
  deliciously frothy  
  cappuccinos paired  
  with a macaron.  

  First time I tasted macarons.  
  Yes, I know.  
  Where have I been?  

  Really did hit the spot.  
  (Sorry, couldn't resist)  

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