Monday, December 12, 2011

Outpost Street Art Exhibition // Part 2

  Part two.  
  Part one here.  

  ...As the storm brews from the west  
  and the winds blow dust   
  into our poor little eyes  
  we take refuge inside.  

  There we find a man  
  hanging from the ceiling,  
  Mother Monster plastered  
  on a heavily graffitied wall,  
  and most would miss a tiny  
  drawing of a man waving.  

  Burst of colours would  
  jarringly meld with the  
  browns, the rusts, the siennas  
  of the industrial space,  
  including a dazzle of  
  pink from Pola's now  
  famous tights.  

  After all the pretty, ugly  
  things are seen.  
  We head back to the most  
  beautiful harbour in the planet.  

  Where we fill our bellies  
  with pies with faces on them.  

  Have a great week.  
  Love, Jesue  

All images are owned by me and cannot be reused without permission or crediting the original source

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