Sunday, December 11, 2011

Outpost Street Art Exhibition // Part 1

  My friend Pola and I  
  hopped on a ferry to   
  Cockatoo Island.  
  It was sunny at first.  
  But the dark grey clouds  
  loomed above us.  

  We saw street art in  
  abandoned factory buildings.  

  There was a house with skulls,  
  robots made from bits of rubbish,  
  wrecked Holden Commodores,  
  an entire room splashed with colour  
  and t-shirts that glowed.  

  There was mixed media  
  and graffiti art inside  
  a creepy, dark tunnel.  

  But once outside,  
  the clouds got darker and greyer...  

  To be continued.  

  Part two here.  

All images are owned by me and cannot be reused without permission or crediting the original source.

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