Monday, May 10, 2010

NOTES ON THE GO, a new segment

To take advantage of mobile email on my phone I've created a new blog segment that lets me put up blog posts on the go, so for example I can instantly put up thoughts on a movie the second I walk out of the theatre, or maybe a quick assessment of what a stranger is wearing on the street. I won't be able to attach pictures with posts, I have a feeling you can, I just haven't figured it out yet. Let me play around with it.

So, this will unclog most of the thoughts in my head and out in the internet. Plus, it's so fun to type on my phone as the buttons make this really cute noise and it will give me something to do if I'm ever alone in public (this happens quite frequently). I usually whip my phone out to not look like a loner while also stating to the world: 'look! I actually have friends to text!'. Which is misleading since I'm not actually texting but instead either looking through photos repeatedly, deleting messages or blogging. The latter is less lame, I think.

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