Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FASHION NOTES ON THE GO: Vogue Australia June Cover

A couple of days ago I walked past a kiosk in George St and they had Samantha Harris on the cover! I fell in love with this model after seeing her back in the summer issue of March. She looked so strikingly beautiful wearing Miu Miu and it's about time an Indigenous model made it in not just Vogue, but in its covers.

Those lips, and those intense eyes just stopped me in my tracks and I quickly purchased an issue. I had to hide the magazine between my Sydney Film Fest program (I'll talk about this in another post) while I was walking to the bus stop because I was getting all these weird looks from people. Apparently its not right for a boy to carry around an issue of Vogue.

But that doesn't matter. I wish I can take a pic of the cover on my phone but I accidentally spilled beer on it (my phone, not the Vogue...relax) during karaoke and now it has this stupid line in the middle of the screen and the camera is being very stubborn.

Anyway, if you can manage to grab a copy of Australian Vogue, please do so. I really want to support Harris' career, plus it has a great article on fashion budgeting.

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