Sunday, May 16, 2010

FASHION: Black is the new black

Black has a way to make anyone, regardless of skin tone, height or hair colour, look effortlessly stylish. But too much can make you seem dull. I like to add a splash of colour amongst all that black, even a teenie tiny bit. Also, play around with textures and fabrics. A velvet black is still different to a denim black.

 Jeans from Saba, Jacket from Calvin Klein, T-Shirt from Giordano and Shoes from Florsheim

My tripod was being a slut and kept tilting down. Everytime that happened, I had a mini heart attack because it looked like the camera was about to fall and crash to its death. When that didn't happen I just got annoyed and verbally abused that tilting thing on the tripod. Then I gave up and just left it tilting down while I lay on the floor.

When my butt started hurting from the hard tiled floor I abandoned the tripod and just used an ironing board and a bunch of CDs and made my own povo tripod.

Jacket and vest from Saba, Shirt from Bench

Cardigan from French Connection, T-Shirt from Can't Remember (that's not a store or a brand, I really can't remember)

Sometimes a t-shirt with a bold image with bright colours can lighten up the darkness.
Tell me what you think!

P.S. I just realised I had the same facial expression in all the photos, please don't harass me about that, it's just my face, I can't help it. It just does it automatically whenever there's a camera in front of me. It's my go-to camera expression :)

P.P.S. You know what's missing? Accessories! I couldn't find any that suited and I had work during the weekend so I couldn't go to the markets. Sad Face.

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