Saturday, April 3, 2010

Irrational fears and the movies that started them

(SPOILER ALERT for Inglorious Basterds, Paranormal Activity)

I have a number of fears, all of them irrational. I can handle spiders, heights, creepy clowns and the dark but I freak out everytime I'm carrying a pot of boling water, because I always worry that one day I will randomly have a seizure and suffer from third degree burns.

Apart from that one, all of my irrational fears stem from movies. For example, everytime I get on a plane I worry that the person sitting next to me is going to turn out like the guy from Red Eye who will seem normal at first but as time passes becomes less normal and I find out he is actually a psychopath killer.

Thanks to Inglorious Basterds, I now have a fear of being locked in a burning cinema while being shot at by gun-wielding crazy people. This is highly unlikely to happen and extremely irrational, but considering the amount of time I spend inside a cinema, my chances are higher compared to an average moviegoer.

After seeing Paranormal Activity, I had a fear of sleep. I didn't want to be dragged out of bed or wake up in the middle of the night and find a family member hovering over me in a catatonic state.

When I was younger I was paranoid that my whole life is actually a TV show and somewhere out there, people where watching every single thing that I did. Like Jim Carrey from The Truman Show.

A year ago I saw Blindness and from then on I was scared of crossing the road fearing that I might randomly go blind, then get run over by a semi-trailer.

I avoid old, gypsy women after seeing Drag Me To Hell and always made sure that I was nice to weird looking people who look like they know how to perform a curse.

Because of Death at a Funeral I always made sure before attending a funeral, that I do not take any pills or tablets just in case I mistakenly take something else. If I had a headache. Too bad. No paracetamols or aspirins, I just had to deal with it.

I never play any unlabeled VHS tapes or DVDs in fear of accidentally watching the weird Ring video, then dying seven days after.

Of course these fears are not intense, sometimes I don't even think about them and thankfully, they don't take over my life. I actually find them amusing, but the thoughts are always in the back of my head. So is there anyone out there who develop some sort of fear because of a movie? Or is it just me?

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  1. I have a fear of watching Julia Roberts and Richard Gere because of films I've seen with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. But somehow I don't think that counts as an irrational fear :PPP

  2. LOL, yeah I guess that can count as an irrational fear.
    But for the record - I love Julia Roberts. Richard Gere? Not so much.



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