Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Film Buff Survival Kit

I came across a collection of clips in youtube promoting Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF). The 2008 videos each centered around certain film festival-goer types, for example there's the "Overanalyzer"

Then there's the "Seat Saver"

Finally the clip that inspired this post, the "Die Hard"

The last line in the Die Hard video: "A die hard (film festival) machine always comes prepared..." got me wondering about the things found in my bag when I attend film screenings or festivals. So I compiled a list of things that HAVE to be with me during any screening.

1) Jacket, cardigan or scarf - No matter what time of year, the air-conditioning in a cinema is always turned up too high, and it's always cold. So I always have a second layer prepared when the mercury drops. Plus they're also useful as "seat savers" for friends who are late.

2) Moleskine notebook + pen - For taking down notes either during or after the movie. Extremely useful for jotting down memorable quotes and scenes. I don't always use this during the movie because most of the time I'm too absorbed with the story and forget to write down anything plus it's hard to write in the dark. (Hint: sit near the aisles if you want to note-take as the lights near them are usually bright enough and do not even think about bringing a pen light, unless you want your face punched)

3) Coffee/Vitamin Water - particularly handy during festivals when you see 3 or 4 movies a day and during any late night screening when you feel mentally fatigued or sleepy. Coffee should be consumed before going into the theatre as they're not usually allowed. Vitamin Waters are useful too, preferably the Revive or Focus. I drink Focus when I find my head wandering and I lose concentration, Revive when I feel like I'm about to die.
4) No-Doz tablets - I use this when I don't feel like drinking any of the above and I need something to wake me up, also when a particular movie is long you don't really want to drink too much liquids or else your bladder will burst. (Note: only use occassionally)

5) Systane Eye Drops - now we move on to items that maintain comfort. I use eye drops when I feel my eyes drying up, usually due to the air-conditioning. Also, when a film is particularly engrossing I sometimes forget to blink.

6) Travacalm Natural Tablets - highly recommended when about to see a film that uses the "shaky-cam" technique excessively. Movies like Cloverfield. It calms down the stomach so you won't have to barf and miss out on the movie.

7) Lucas Papaw Ointment/Chapstick - because that damn air-conditioner gives me dry lips.

8) Palmer's Shea Butter Formula - because that damn air-conditioner gives me dry hands.

9) Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner - because that damn air-conditioning makes my face dry.

10) Aspirin/Paracetamol - when watching migrain inducing films like Transformers, so basically all Michael Bay films.

11) Bottle of water - for taking all those tablets or just for quenching thirst.

12) Packet of tissues - when it gets "dusty" in the theatres, usually during a Nicolas Sparks film.

13) Book (I usually like to carry the Popular Penguins because they're light and they have an awesome looking cover) - used for reading (duh!) while waiting in line or when a projector breaks down.

So that's basically what you'll find in my "kit" when I'm out and about watching films. Do you have a list of things you MUST have with you in the movies? If there are things you think I need to add, please let me know in the comments.

Now, back to those funny videos. There's seven of the VIFF videos in total and they can be found here. Also check out their 2009 trailers which are as equally funny.

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