Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's indicative of a truly talented author, when you find yourself going back and re-reading their satisfying, well-written sentences.
I love the way he constructs them, he describes things in a way that alter your perspective, not only towards the thing that he's describing but also towards the idea of how things should be described.
I wouldn't call this a page turner, since it took me a long time to finish. But it's one of those rare books that you try to relish every single word, and in some magical way, make me as a reader feel scared to end up in the last page. I don't want it to end.
I'm not talking about the overall narrative, I actually wanted that to come to a close, but I don't want the experience to come to an end.

The characters are drawn so well that you as the reader feel like God and understand who these people really are in a level that no other human being can ever know another. McEwan gives you a very transparent view into the innermost corners of these characters' minds and it's such a pleasure to have read this incredible novel.

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