Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Beauty of Movie Marketing: Posters and Titles

They say never judge a book by its cover..but they don't say the same thing about a film. So being the judgemental person that I am, there are times when I'm put off seeing a film purely because:

1) They have a generic title, or use really fugly words. E.g. Duplicity, Whatever Works, The Proposal, Changeling, The Hurt Locker, Funny People
See how uncreative and bland these examples are.
2) Their posters looks yuck. E.g. Whatever Works, Public Enemies, Bangkok Dangerous

I had to close my eyes when I walked past these foul displays. I'm not going to put them up on this post as I don't want to uglify it. I'll provide links.


Now, I'm going to give examples of how to actually attract the audience instead of repelling them. Here is a run-down of recently released posters that are so well designed, it convinced me that I need to see this movie. A wonderful fusion of art and advertisement.

Funny Games U.S.

Draws you in like a moth to a flame


Simple, yet bold.

The Girlfriend Experience

The art of graphic design, maximised


Disturbingly alluring, eye-catching and well executed

Burn After Reading

Great composition.  Beautiful typography.


Clever arrangement of the title

The Strangers

Creepy. I was obsessed with this movie because of this poster (if only the movie lived up to its marketing).


Clean yet striking


The title of a movie also has an impact on whether I should see it. When I scan through the list of upcoming releases. There are movie titles that stand out so much that it triggers me to search it on IMDB, here are just a few:

Julie and Julia
Simple, yet strangely elegant. The use of an alliteration is clever too.
How to lose friends and alienate people
Long titles are my favourites. That's why I like Panic at the Disco. But initally, I thought this was a self-help book.
Controversy = Appealing
Thank You For Smoking
They forgot to put the "not"! OMG! Look it up on Google, now.... Oh. It was intentional. Gotcha.
Requiem for a Dream
Requiem is such a beautiful word, even though I have no clue as to what it means.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Not only gave you the title but also a brief plot synopsis, all in one. Nice.

Image links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


  1. I have a bit of a thing for film posters too. If I had my way, all the walls in my house would be beautifully adorned with framed classics

  2. When I was working at the cinema, I used to get free posters and I had The Strangers one on my wall but quickly took it down, as it creeped me out too much.



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