Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yellow is the colour of money

The Pull and Bear wallet I bought from Athens two-ish years ago is looking a little sad. You know it's time for a replacement when even the "oh-it's-vintage" argument/lie/excuse doesn't really justify or explain an item's dilapidated state. What I love most about this wallet is that it has a coin case.

Yes, I know it's probably not the most elegant thing but I need a place to store my coins. I don't drive yet (too lazy to learn and too Asian to be any good at it anyway) so I catch public transport most of the time and I need to have spare change with me at all times. The problem is I can't seem to find any men's wallets with a coin case. But...look what I found at!

I know you can't see from this image but this Paul Smith wallet has a coin pocket inside. I love the bold, eye-popping colour and the fact that it's so not discreet. I'm honestly really sick of seeing brown and black leather wallets being carried around by men everywhere. A men's magazine like GQ may suggest (or dictate) that every 'sophisticated' man should only have those kinds of wallets in their pockets. But I'm 18 and fortunately at this age I can get away with having a bright yellow wallet. I'll switch to an elegant black leather one when I'm 40. 

P.S. I hope I'm not sounding too mean towards GQ magazine. I'm a regular reader and I love reading it but sometimes I feel that it can be too authoritative and personally would like the magazine to strive to be  inspirational instead. But that's just my two cents (which is going straight to my awesome and not-very-elegant coin case).

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