Monday, May 2, 2011

Show Me Your Workspace

I love seeing where people work, especially if they are creative. Designers, photographers, illustrators, painters, writers - I love seeing their workspaces and the tools they use to create. Everyone has their own set of objects they need have to have near them in order for them to work efficiently and creatively.

I have a very cramped workspace but I love it nonetheless. This space for me has history. Sometimes I love being in this space, at other times I detest it. This is where I tirelessly worked on my 6,000 word major essay on Haneke's films for high school extension English. This is also the space where I have burst into tears reading Kazuo Ishiguro's novels. Inspired by Suzi Blu, I got lost in my own world working on my art journals as evidenced by the number of acrylic paint stains on the table that I can't seem to remove. I've fallen asleep on this desk, surrounded by cups of lukewarm coffee while studying for exams. 

It's very interesting for me to take a peek at someone else's desk and it can be quite inspirational. You can really tell a lot about a person by looking at their workspace.

So now that I've shown you mine, show me yours? Blog it, twitpic it, tumblr it, YouTube it. Whatever you choose, tweet, email or comment below for me with those links!

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