Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magazines I Religiously Read

Doesn't take itself too seriously. Ridiculously cute. Beautiful matte pages. The kind of magazine you would want to read in a quiet meadow where the rays of sunshine are just perfect - not too bright, not too dark. Think doves and butterflies flying overhead while a steaming cup of English breakfast (in a hand painted teacup, of course) sits next to you while you snuggle up in an oversized quilt made (with love) by your grandma.

This never fails to get my creative juices flowing. It just embodies cool. Every issue is dedicated to something different but always relates to creativity - 'The Art Issue', 'The Birth of Cool', 'It's Iconic' (influential people) and 'Fan For Life' (music fans and followers) are just a few things the magazine explores. 

The most expensive out of the bunch (which is why I only purchase the price-reduced semi-old issues), but well worth it. The pages burst with colour, ladened with beautiful and innovative design. It's inspirational, informative and extremely entertaining. 

Vogue Australia
I don't wear the clothes they show in their pages because a) I'm not a woman and b) I can't afford it. It is useful because it provides me with the inspiration to be experimental and fearless with how I style or present myself. Trends in womenswear can always translate to menswear and one doesn't necessarily have to purchase expensive designer clothes to convey a good sense of style. All you need is a thrift store and an unrestrained sense of imagination.

This is like a go-to guide. It is packed full of handy information every young man such as myself need to know. Whether it's finding the right suit or knowing which drinks are which, there's always something I didn't know (or didn't think I even need to know).


  1. I agree with you on Wallpaper. It is so classy in away and they always have this interesting subjects for their articles.
    When it comes to Vogue Australia, I find it being a bit off fashion? I´ve only seen a few issues so I should probably just do some more reading to either convince myself that a) it´s as bad as I though or b) it´s better than I thought.

  2. Agreed! I was reading this really interesting article about Uniqlo in the March issue, they do have very good pieces.

    Yeah I agree with that too. Sometimes they do go off topic but the focus is still on fashion.



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