Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meat and art // South America Photo Diary // Day 2

Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Lunch at Las Cabras. You know why the doorway is painted red? Because this is the gateway to vegetarian hell. Thankfully for me, I'm a proud, super hungry carnivore and this place was like as close to meat heaven as you could possibly get.

We had the parilla completa which is almost a whole dead cow, intestines and all. It was the most delicious dead cow I have ever had. Argentinian beef really is something.

Blood sausage.

Malba museum is the next stop. It's a beautiful modern building housing some incredible contemporary art, mostly by Argentinian artists. 

There's a real emphasis on material and how certain types can be utilised in creative and unexpected ways. 

On the second level, there was also a temporary exhibition showcasing Leon Ferarri's confronting and highly conceptual work. His work involves the appropriation of religious images alongside images depicting sex and war. There was a really interesting piece that showed an image of the Pope raising his hand superimposed on an artwork depicting violence and war.

I really wished I had more time to visit the numerous art and design museums scattered all over the city. As a design student, I'm putting Buenos Aires on my list of 'Possible places to live and work in' which makes sense since UNESCO has recently declared Buenos Aires as a City of Design.

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