Thursday, June 28, 2012

Red rocks and red wine // South America Photo Diary // Day 4

Salta >> Quebrada de las Conchas >> Cafayate

So on the itinerary, the day was described as a day trip to a winery in Cafayete which didn't really excite me due to my extremely limited knowledge about wine. My appreciation of it is determined by how fast it can make me drunk.

It turned out that the winery part took only a little bit of our time at the end of the day and was actually quite fun but the journey getting there was something else.

I really didn't expect the South American landscape to be this beautiful. You're probably going to hear this so many times in my other S.A. photo diaries but it really is like being dropped off in another planet.

We stopped by what they call the devil's throat which looked like it could literally swallow you up.

We went past spitting llamas, a rock structure that looked like a sinking titanic, we had mate (pronounced ma-teh) which is the tea every local drinks. They bring this everywhere they go, you can actually see someone steering a bike with one hand and a mug of mate on the other. It tastes similar to green tea but has a kind of smoky, nutty flavour.

The winery tour was really cool, they actually put them in gallons but alas we couldn't carry those and we just settled with a purchase of two bottles: one white, one red. Hopefully it survives the trip.

Until next time, Ciao.

South America Photo Diary:
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All photos were taken by me and cannot be reused without permission.

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