Sunday, August 14, 2011

Instagram: Film Memories #1

Instagram: Film Memories are a series of posts showcasing great films I saw during a certain time period. Includes a super short, two line recap (like a haiku! but not really) and a screenshot of the film taken via Instagram.

Films I saw from 7 Aug 2011 - 14 Aug 2011

Raging Bull
A film by Martin Scorsese

Brutality and anger make him a great boxer.
But not a very good person.

Stand by Me
A film by Rob Reiner

Four friends search for a dead body.
Best road movie, minus the car.

La Dolce Vita
A film by Federico Fellini

Italian journalist parties with the elite and intellectual.
Left struggling to discover what he really wants.

Through a Glass Darkly

A film by Ingmar Bergman

Four people go to an island, one is a schizophrenic.
She thinks that God is a spider.

Happy Together
A film by Wong Kar-Wai

Gay couple travel to Argentina to see the Iguazu Falls.
They lose each other and find each other.

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  1. I'm so ashamed! I've not seen any of these films.

    What ones would you recommend?


  2. It's such a nice idea to take Instagram pics of the movies you've watched! It makes it look so cool. And everybody is taking pictures of anything around them anyway, so why not of movies :-)
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  3. @Ashleigh: I would recommend all of them. Except perhaps for Through A Glass Darkly because it was very depressing and austere, but still a great film.

    @Leonie: Thanks! Instagram is perfect for capturing what you are currently watching and share them :)



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