Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Artist Profile: Courtney Howlett

Courtney Howlett is a fashion illustrator I met through IFB. The only other fashion illustrator I know of is Garance Dore and her work is very pretty and fun but Howlett's is just jaw-dropping. I love the fact that the fashion aspect is treated as a point of inspiration rather than the point of focus. The emphasis is on the use of colour and lines. 

I really like the effective use of negative space and the minimal feel of the work. It's incredibly elegant, beautiful and - I've never used this word to describe an artwork before - very, very chic.

He's currently trying to establish himself as an artist and I'm glad I found his work. It's really exciting to discover new and establishing artists. Please support his work and follow his tumblr, deviantart and twitter.

All images are owned by Courtney Howlett via his tumblr.


  1. Check out Danny Robetrs of Igor and Andre. This is amazing stuff.

  2. Amazing illustrations! LOVE the colors in the last picture.
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  3. wow i absolutely love these!! really beautiful illustrations!!! thanks for sharing!!



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