Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celine Reincarnated

Remember this silk foulard pant/blouse ensemble from the Celine Spring/Summer 2012 collection?

Well, D&G reincarnated it with a much more masculine touch for this year's Spring menswear collection. All I can say is: thank fuck.

I've been lusting over this design, but a blouse and loose flowy pants is too feminine even for me. Yeah, Kanye wore the blouse at Coachella.

But I'm not Kanye.

So imagine my pleasure when I saw this collection. I really adore the baroque style prints. Even though they're a bit whimsical (a word used a lot to describe most menswear spring collections this year) but because of their symmetry, it still has a very refined, clean and precise feel. The flowiness of the fabric is perfect for the summer - it's comfortable and very wearable - perfect for those sticky, balmy days. 

The prints feel very grand and evoke a kind of magisterial and old-world royal presence, like they've been directly inspired by the ceilings of Versailles.

The denim pairings are very D&G - ultra-sexy, masculine and relaxed. Plus, the denim contrasts very well with the prints. 

Some of my favourites from the collection:

Now the trunks are the cherries on top of the cake. I can't wait for the Australian summer months to arrive. I can't believe I'm saying this since I'm more of a winter, coat/scarf-wearing person but bring on the hot weather! I really want to wear one of these around Bondi Beach.

The full show:

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  1. no wonder kanye wore Celine on Coachella its such a magical Reincarnation, *you know what i mean,

    Ps ; great blog keep it up dear ^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo



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