Friday, January 28, 2011

What are the things you like?

What are the things you like?

That question - usually uttered in small talks in parties, job interviews or first dates - never fails to frighten me. Just to answer that question, these are the things I cannot live without: movies, alcohol, books and clothes. Now let me briefly explain why I never give any of these as an answer:

1) Movies - my cinephilia kind of embarrasses me. I'm unsure why.
2) Alcohol - it'll make me sound like I'm one of two things: an alcoholic, or depressed (or both)
3) Books - neeerrrrrd!
4) Clothes - if I say this I will

I might just have to get over this and stop being so insecure but when asked this question, usually I just make something up and mumble about, say, playing videogames (since practically everyone does - except me. The only videogame I actually enjoy is Glow Puzzle on iPad, and even that can put me to sleep after a few levels). Or I try to appear fit and talk about how I play sports from time to time (which means once or twice a year). I usually invent the idea of me being an avid tennis player since I played it at school and I own a racquet. But in reality I cannot differentiate between a backhand and a backspin and if one asks me who my favourite tennis player is, I would probably say Tiger Woods or if I'm feeling creative I invent a faux-tennis player: you've never heard of Sacha Suvakovavich?!? I'm not surprised she's relatively new to the scene but I've been following her career for a while...

So since I don't do anything exotic or unusual like tobogganing or ancient rune deciphering, I just resort to the two options above. Maybe I should start taking that fire blowing class I've been meaning to take...

Image Credits: tennis player

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  1. Haha, I know the feeling. In a lot of job applications I always hate the section "list your hobbies". Um.. watching films, talking about films, reading/writing about films, going to film festivals, blogging... I'm such a dork. And I can hardly say "I love going out for cocktails and gossiping with my friends"! Grrr



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