Sunday, July 5, 2009

Obsessions: Popular Penguin Novels and the Retro Trend

These days it's all about the retros, the vintages and the classics. We've all become obsessively nostalgic and trouble ourselves in searching for and buying products that have that romantic, good-old-days appeal. Here's a rundown of my own, personal retro/vintage loves:


From Breakfast at Tiffany's to Twilight. And Andy Warhol, who is currently the artist that I am obsessed with, wore them too.


An extract from a small note in the back pocket of the Moleskine:

"Moleskine is the legendary notebook used by European artists and thinkers from the past two centuries, from Van Gogh to Picasso, from Ernest Hemingway to Bruce Chatwin."

Genius marketing. We all want to be connected to legendary artists like those mentioned above and this concept alone triggers inspiration for aspiring artists and writers like me.

Popular Penguins

The collection of novels include classics and modern, fiction and non-fiction and are considered to be the creme de la creme of the literary world, so you're reassured that it will be a very good read. The instantly recognisable cover design of Popular Penguins evoke nostlagia and if I see someone, especially a younger person around my age, reading one of these orange and cream novels, I would consider them tres, tres cool. (apologies for the random french phrases but talking about these reminds me of old Parisian bookshops).
Grand, old movie theatres

These are such a breath of fresh air from boring, uninspiring multiplexes that conquer even the smallest of towns. Nothing beats the experience of watching a film inside a place with a history. I love that old-Hollywood feel and my local old deco cinema, the majestic Randwick Ritz, is definitely one of my favourite places to go to see a movie. It's also usually much cheaper than the multiplex.

What are your vintage/retro obsessions?

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