Monday, May 11, 2009

Withdrawal symptoms and Reality TV

I have not seen a movie in about 5 days and I'm currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Not severe ones, thankfully. Our household Quickflix (Australian equivalent to Netflix) subscription has been cut off for no apparent reason, so no DVDs and I've been so busy throughout the week with parties and other stuff that, I didn't find the time to go to the movies.
But I'm planning to watch Angels and Demons and Star Trek with friends in the next week. Yay.
Oh about Star Trek. I'm not the biggest fan of sci-fi films (I don't like Star Wars) and I've always thought that Star Trek was, well, too weird for me, and boring. But it's been getting great reviews, the trailer looks ok and with the creative input of J.J. Abrams, I'm giving this film a chance. But I will not become a Trekkie. I have enough obsessions already.

Also, I've been watching a few reality shows on youtube. I'm still obsessed with ANTM and no sign of that diminishing. I'm also starting to hate Tyra Banks now. If you watch the earlier seasons and compare her behaviour with current ones, you'll know what I'm talking about. Is fame making her head big?
Also, I've been watching Survivor intros on the tube and had just come to the realisation of how awesome the soundtrack is. You know what I'm talking about, that ethnic chanting song that plays. I want it on my iPod but unfortunately I'm not finding it on limewire.

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  1. Jekk is def not a trekkie. haha i agree with your comment on tyra banks. Keep up the blogging its getting better jekk jekk.



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