Monday, May 11, 2009


Bjork, the swan dress girl from the Oscars. What a daring woman, and she immediately caught my eye. Her performance of "I've Seen It All" on the Kodak Theatre stage was so mesmerizing that even highly paid and highly talented actors, directors and other film industry people in the audience were in awe of her audacity.

Her music is the epitome of unconvention. I feel like this kind of music comes from somewhere otherwordly but at the same time, strangely familiar. There's almost no single rhythm but it beats in its own tempo and it feels improvised, like she's been given a single tune and she makes up the lyrics as she goes along. At first, I was put off with her voice but as she continued to sing I realised what true musical beauty is.

Call her weird, but you can't deny her fearlessness. Her fashion statement in the Oscars is a glimpse to who she is, one who always stand out. No one that I can think of in the music industry compares to what she does.

The only one that I can think of that comes close is Roisin Muprhy, also daring in her music and her fashion statements but what she doesn't have is Bjork's ethereal, celestic and almost alien persona. I just love her.

Her music videos rank in my list as one of the best made, artisitically and it almost looks like it belongs in some sort of contemporary museum. The one below with the song "All Is Full Of Love" is just stunning, check it out.

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