Saturday, April 25, 2009

Independent Films

Independent films, or 'indie films' as some people call them are, by definition, movies that are produced without the help of a major studio. That means corporate studio bosses don't influence the final product. It also means the film does not get butchered into the mainstream crap that most theatres show. The film is entirely influenced only by the filmmakers themselves and is comprised of their vision alone. 

That's why I'm in love with indies. 

The downside is, they usually don't get a theatrical release. They either go straight to DVD or VOD, and sometimes only show on the film festival circuit. Some films are luckier than others, and they secure a distribution deal when they are previewed and liked in festivals. 

I reckon most theatre chains should have a separate division in their theatres devoted exclusively to show indie films, so that the general public get a chance to see them. This of course may cost a bit of money to do, but then again, considering the amount of great indie films that become lost and forgotten, I think this will be a good idea.


  1. I totally agree. My local cinema is a small semi-independent cinema but to make their money they mainly screen mainstream films. By the time a few of the indie films I want to see get screened they are already out on DVD. I would pay good money to see them in the cinema and can't understand why so few other people would

  2. Me too. Where's the love for indie films?
    It's quite saddening, really.



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