Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art that makes room

Realism art. I don't hate it or despise it but I don't enjoy it. I think it's a very important branch of the art tree but realism art for me, is just something nice and pretty to look at and just sits as that. It doesn't challenge or provoke, it doesn't cause controversies.

The art that I adore are one that gives its audience room.
Room for their own imagination, when artists purposely leave gaps in their art (not literally) for the viewer to fill.

Art that allows one's perspective and experiences in life to have an impact on how they interpret their view of a piece of art.
In a way, it is more personal.

Maybe, I'm wrong. Maybe there's more to realism art than what I perceive it to be and that's certainly debatable.
But then again, that is one of art's many purposes. To create conversation and to question one another.

1 comment:

  1. What is so wonderful about art--whether it be realism, abstract,'s about expression..and there is nothing wrong with any of it. It's personal...just like someone liking Chinese food rather than Mexican or pie rather than ice cream. There is so much to love in art, and appreciate. Enjoy!



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