Sunday, September 4, 2011

Instagram: Film Memories #2

Instagram: Film Memories are a series of posts showcasing great films I saw during a certain time period. Includes a super short, two line recap (like a haiku, but not really) and a screenshot of the film taken via Instagram.

Films I saw from 16 Aug 11 - 1 Sep 11

Breaking The Waves
A film by Lars Von Trier

Husband left paralysed after an accident.
Tells troubled wife to sleep with other men.

The Son
A film by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne

Carpentry teacher nervous and not willing to teach a boy.
Not telling you why.

A film by Michaelangelo Antonioni

Girl disappears after a boating trip.
Her lover and best friend fall in love.

Grizzly Man
A film by Werner Herzog

Bear-lover gets close and develops "friendships" with wild bears.
Not a good idea.

A film by Carl Theodore Dreyer

Guy checks into an inn.
Weird things start happening.

Written on the Wind
A film by Douglas Sirk

Alcoholic guy marries a girl, but his best friend loves her too.
Alcoholic guy's sister is in love with her brother's best friend.

Bicycle Thieves
A film by Vittorio De Sica

Someone steals a guy's bicycle who needs it to do his job.
Searches for the thief with his son.

The Night of the Hunter
A film by Charles Laughton

Children hide money for their imprisoned dad.
Guy tries to take it away from them.

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