Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things I Love // Lush Baths

This obsession was sparked by a breed of YouTube "haul" videos. They're basically just people talking about things they've bought and talking briefly about them. I was watching a book haul when the procrastination-booster that is the "Related Videos" feature led me to a "Lush Haul" video.

I knew about Lush but I never really bought anything from there. But the person in the video was so enthusiastic I just had to go and buy whatever she was excitedly plucking out from her Lush bag. I couldn't remember who it was, but I'm pretty sure it was Elle Fowler from "allthatglitters21". Don't laugh. I'm sure she has an excuse.

So, I watched more of these "Lush Hauls" which has become a niche on its own, and they are truly addictive and was the sole reason why I ended up spending a hundred or so bucks on a bag full of bath bombs and soaps and bubble bath bars and massage bars and perfumes and bath melts. But Lush makes me happy (Christmas tip!), so I don't care.

I might do some product reviews here or they might come in video form in my sadly desolate YouTube channel.

But the things I love most about Lush products are the scents they have, you can't really find a worthy equivalent anywhere else. I would say their scents are signature and really addictive, so a word of caution. Most of them smell like food - like most Lushies (lol!) I am helplessly addicted to the Honey I Washed The Kids soap which has a delicious scent of caramel/toffee/honey that makes me want to eat my arm off after a shower.

Also, most of the products are vegan (not that I am, but still, all vegan products are automatically better than anything else) and they use (mostly) natural ingredients. So I highly recommend it for people with sensitive skin types.

I know that this is completely off-topic, but if you've read my blog since the beginning, you know I tend to do this a lot. Yes, it's not really anything about the arts but I would argue that a Lush product is a work of art in itself.

That's my excuse.

Note: All photographs were taken by yours truly. I would appreciate it if you inform me if you intend to use any of it. See my contacts for details. Thanks

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