Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Paragon Project

This is an updated version of the LuckySeven Cinematheque project, which did not end up happening due to a hideous title and lack of direction. So, I've tweaked the idea a bit and came up with the Paragon Project.

So, what is the Paragon Project?

par·a·gon   (păr'ə-gŏn', -gən)
  • ·      A model of excellence or perfection of a kind
  • ·      Someone or something that is the very best example of something
The aim of the Paragon Project is to see films in a new light, or within a specific frame of thinking.

Each list must meet a certain criteria, for example, a recurring theme, a mutual filmic element, or it can be whatever association that would make for an interesting dialogue between the films. The blog post for each film will contain a general criticism and response while incorporating a discussion based on the specific link between the films. Each list can contain any number of films between three and seven. I will reveal the full list, working my way down, one film at a time.

Oh my, so many rules. I feel so adamant and rigid. Must be the early stages of adulthood.

So to kick start the project let's begin with a list of firsts - a list of a group of directors' first film in colour:

Paragon Project # 1:
Passed with flying colours

 “A select group of master filmmakers and their first full-length feature in colour”

* Akira Kurosawa – Dodesukaden

* Alfred Hitchcock – Rope

* Frederico Fellini – Juliet Of The Spirits

* John Ford – Drums Along The Mohawk

* Jacques Tati – Mon Oncle

* Michaelangelo Antonionini – Red Desert

* Agnes Varda – Le Bonheur

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