Sunday, June 6, 2010

NOTES ON THE GO: My thoughts so far about the Sydney Film Fest

So I'm currently sitting outside the Dendy Cinema waiting for my next screening of 'Last Train Home'. I've just seen another documentary about one of fashion's most influential photographers, Bill Cunningham. I'm not going to write my review of the film just yet because I feel I should give it some time first and really think about it. I think most of the films I've seen deserves more time for contemplation (...or maybe Jesue's just too lazy to write a review so quickly, maybe Jesue procrastinates too much, maybe Jesue doesn't know what to think about the films and have no fucking clue what they're actually about...) Or maybe my cynical self needs to just shut the hell up.
Moving on...The film festival so far has been fantastic. In every screening there's always a sense of community and an atmosphere that can only come out when you put a whole bunch of people who truly love film together in one room. This is something that I find is lacking in most of my movie-going experiences. I love it when people applaud and cheer when the credits start rolling and I love it when people share a collective gasp from a particularly shocking moment. I love it when the whole room suddenly goes dead quiet when an emotional scene is playing in front of us and I love it when the walls of a theatre literally shake when the whole audience laughs. Yes, my name is Jesue and I'm a film festival addict.

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