Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Favourite Regina Spektor Songs

Have you ever walked past a music store, or sat down to see a movie and suddenly a song comes on.

You're not familiar with the music, it's the first time you've heard it, but something about it draws you to it, sucking you in like a vortex. Every thought and action ceases, and for that brief moment, you realise beauty.

The moment after, when you get your consciousness back, you realise that it's not the melody, or the beat, but the voice. The organic musical instrument, the voice, triggers something primal within you.

Very few musicians have the voice possessing the ability to stir me. A few I can think of in my head are Bjork, Roisin Murphy, and Ella Fitzgerald. But the most recent one who I've only started listening to is Regina Spektor.

Her song 'Hero' is just beautiful, I love how its so repetitive, as if she's trying to embed the message of the song upon us, and us not really listening. I love the playful bvvvvv after "open wide here comes original sin" like how a child gives up after they tire of explaining something.

'Samson' is incredibly heartbreaking and it highlights a kind of love that is simple and basic, something that we gradually lose over time in all our relationships.

'Eet' is very left off-centre, very unusual and produces a question mark, everytime it is played. But it is still just as beautiful.

Everyone has different preferences to the kind of voice that we want to hear. Soo, which musicians, thinking just about their voice, have an emotional and/or personal hold over you?


  1. Regina Spektor and Joshua Radin are two of my favourite vocalists. For my Pop Music essay on lyrics, I did a case study on Eet and love it. I also love Us, Fidelity, Hotel Song, Samson, Better... She's fantastic

  2. Joshua Radin..never heard of him. might check his music out.

  3. I first came across him via his duet with Schuyler Fisk on the Last Kiss soundtrack. He's got a lovely voice and it's good chill out music. He's on MySpace



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