Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The best films of 2011

I'm two months late in compiling my favourite films of 2011 but because most films are released in Australia very late, I needed the time to get to see them first.

 I don't like arranging these in order of preference because I love them all the same so I'm just going to list them alphabetically. Without further ado here are my top ten favourite films released in 2011 (according to their American release):

Less than half of these got nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. How War Horse and Extremely Loud got nominated is beyond me. I think the Academy needs to do a yearly audit of its members and dismiss those with poor film taste. 

The Academy also needs to have the balls to recognise young, fresh talent and not just nominate the same people every single year. I'm still trying to figure out why Elizabeth Olsen wasn't nominated for Martha Marcy May Marlene or why Drive was snubbed. I feel really bad for Ryan Gosling too. He had two fantastic roles this year and he wasn't nominated for any. Let's not forget about Michael Fassbender. Argh! I could go on forever. I'm just going to stop right here.

Honourable Mentions:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
The Descendants
Bill Cunningham New York
Certified Copy
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Jane Eyre

Haven't seen but probably would have made it on the list:

A Separation
Take Shelter
A Dangerous Method
Young Adult
Le Havre
Another Earth

All images are screenshots from trailers or posters.

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