Friday, January 20, 2012

50 Books // Jane Eyre // # 3

Reading Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre makes me yearn for a time when people spoke to each other with such grace and elegance coupled with an intensity of passion that is intermittently laced with the words they speak. It doesn't matter whether they are being cruel or nice or loving. Their utterance between one another never fail to express a potent emotion. Romantic passages like this:

"I sometimes have a queer
feeling with regard to you
- especially when you are near
me, as now: it is as if I
had a string somewhere under
my left ribs, tightly and
inextricably knotted to a
similar string situated in the
corresponding quarter of your
little frame. And if that
boisterous channel, and two
hundred miles or so of land
come broad between us, I am
afraid that cord of communion
will be snapt and then I've
a nervous notion I should take
to bleeding inwardly."


I really like how it's in equal parts violent, romantic and dark. The entire novel feels like this with its gothic, romantic mood. It was perfectly balanced. Less gothic and dark and it would have been too sickly sweet to me.

The other thing I love most about this novel is the central heart, brain, soul and lung of this story: Jane Eyre herself, of course. Right after I finished the book, I posted this on my Tumblr:

"Just finished this last night, or rather, early morning at 4am.
I am in love with Jane Eyre. Not just the book itself but also the character. She is fiercely independent, burning with passion, highly intelligent, unpretentiously artistic and utters some of the sharpest, wittiest lines in literary history. 
The final half of the book gave me multiple heart aches from pure excitement, heartbreak and overwhelming happiness. 
This goes on my list of books I would recommend to anyone.
There are multiple film adaptations of this book. Please don’t use those as excuses to not read this. The book will always be better. Always."
I'll just leave it at that. 
I write on the books I read and I revisit those notes to write these posts. But for this one, every single time I open the book, as if by magic, I find myself re-reading parts of the novel. And I end up getting nothing done. That really shows how powerful Ms. Bronte's novel is. How it can just draw you in, and ask you to bring its story and its characters back to life. This is the kind of book when it is inappropriate to put the words 'The End' at the end because it just doesn't. Its traces will linger with you long after that final page is read and the book shut.

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