Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Streets of Paris

I've been bitten by the travel bug and I'm being intoxicated by an intense wanderlust. I'm going on a trip to South America soon and all this planning is really making this travel itch worse! There are two things I do when this happens:

1) I look through old photos. 
The photos above are from my Paris trip in 2007. I just saw Woody Allen's film Midnight in Paris the other day and mon dieu it made me miss that city even more!

2) read travel books.
Not guidebooks but the literary novels - think Bruce Chatwin. I also love reading books about airplanes and airports. I've always been a bit of an aviation geek when I was little and used to obsess over plane models and things like that. The whole Airbus/Boeing rivalry intrigued me and I used to get excited over newly released models. You can imagine how freakishly excited I was when I stepped into my first A380. Just in case you're wondering, I'm more of a Boeing guy and I cannot wait to hop on the 787. Its release has been delayed so many times so the wait better be worth it. Right now, I'm reading Alain De Botton's A Week At The Airport. Quite good except it is strikingly similar to his other book the Art of Travel.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'll probably delve into my other albums and do a post from my Japan and Greece trips. 

Have a good week :)


  1. Looking at these pictures makes me miss Paris.. Amazing city..

    All the best, ~Angel



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