Thursday, July 1, 2010

FASHION: Animal Necklaces

I'm not much of an animal lover. I walk the other way when there's a cat/dog/pigeon standing in my way on the street. I don't hate them but I'm not usually the first to pat someone's pet.
But I do love wearing them around my neck.
Now, don't go contacting PETA, I don't mean animal abuse stuffed-animal-parts necklaces, I mean the artificial, made with materials, fashionable kind.
First is this metallic octopus necklace I found on Etsy. It's made by Zara Taylor and the best thing about them? They're only 16 bucks. Now, you only need to match them with an American Apparel Striped Tee and ahoy! to you.

Next is a wood-carved squirrel necklace from Kester Black from their Maiden Voyage collection. Designed by Anna Ross, the line was inspired by Noah's Ark. I'd take two of each please. ($80 each)

My personal favourite, the "bull" necklace. Made of sterling silver, it's by Thomas Sabo from the Rebel At Heart collection. Saving up for this, just in time for summer. They're between $300-$700. Hey, it's an investment right? I'm planning to wear it forever so it's worth it.

Images taken as screenshots from linked websites. All prices are in Australian dollars and are an estimate. Prices may change at any time, check website for details.


  1. I also like the bull necklace, don't know why! Buy I always go for the most expensive ones!
    Great choices!

  2. Thanks for the comment Lee.
    I agree, there's something about expensive items that make them more...desirable.

  3. I live in Dunedin where the Kester Black stuff is from- it's phenomenal. At first, I thought it was by Karen Walker. NEED some of this stuff!

  4. This post is worthy of appreciation, looking forward to more exciting!



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