Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The last top ten films of 2009 list you will see online

I know that I'm a couple months late but this list took a long time to compile. I didn't want to just choose a handful of titles and make a list. No. I wanted to do it like a reality tv show. I rewatched all the movies I saw in 2009. This was like their audition, I picked at every single flaw of each film and shouted at the screen whenever something felt wrong. Some films cracked under the pressure, stopping halfway through while others literally cracked. The DVD itself actually cracked. I then placed all of the dvds (ones that survived) on the table and handpicked my top twenty like how they do it in American Idol. Then I voted out ten of those titles to the "Honourable Mentions" list, which is like the exile island in Survivor. Then I arranged my top ten - which will be revealed after this break.

I am of course kidding.

All I did was go to the always handy IMDB and looked up all the movies I gave a 10 or a 9 star rating to that was released in 2009, according to imdb - so even though I saw 'Let The Right One In' in 2009 it doesn't count because IMDB says it was released in 2008 (don't worry, I'm sure this film would make my 2008 top ten). But I decided to make an exception for The Hurt Locker which was released in 2008.

So the top ten are as follows:

1) The Hurt Locker - Katheryn Bigelow
2) The White Ribbon - Michael Haneke
3) Samson and Delilah - Warwick Thornton
4) An Education - Lone Scherfig
5) The Cove - Louie Psihoyos
6) Up in the Air - Jason Reitman
7) Inglorious Basterds - Quentin Tarantino
8) (500) Days of Summer - Marc Webb
9) Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire - Lee Daniels
10) A Single Man - Tom Ford

..and honourable mentions are as follows:

11) Drag Me To Hell - Sam Raimi
12) Bright Star - Jane Campion
13) Up - Pete Docter
14) District 9 - Neill Blomkamp
15) The Hangover - Todd Philipps
16) The Spetember Issue - R.J. Cutler
17) Avatar - James Cameron
18) Zombieland - Ruben Fleischer
19) Coraline - Henry Selick
20) Antichrist - Lars von Trier

Now some FILM MUSIC ART awards.

Best Picture
Obviously The Hurt Locker

Best Director.
Katheryn Bigelow. Go female directors!

Best Leading Actor
Colin Firth. Never liked him in other movies. Blew me away with this one.

Best Leading Actress
Carey Mulligan. I was so sad when her awards momentum slowly dissipated nearing the Oscars.

Best Supporting Actor
Christoph Waltz. No competition here.

Best Supporting Actress
Anna Kendrick. Made me laugh, cry and sympathise. Loved her performance in Up in the Air

Best screenplay (original)
(500) days of Summer

Best screenplay (adapted)
An Education

Best cinematography
The White Ribbon

Best editing
The Hurt Locker

Best art direction
A Single Man

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