Monday, August 10, 2009

TOP TEN: Movies or TV shows that make me hungry


#10: Turkish Delight/Hot Chocolate scene in Narnia.
I would never have tried turkish delight if it wasn't for this scene. It looked so perfect and delicious.

#9: Ratatouille
Even in CGI, the food in this movie is so mouth-watering. I actually like to eat dinner while watching this movie as it makes any food taste better.

#8: No Reservations
I couldn't wait to get out of the theatre when I saw this film. Because my stomach was grumbling like crazy. It was borderline culinary pornography.

#7: Chocolat
How come I don't have any chocolate shops around my area that is as good as the one in this film??

#6: Mad Men Lunch Scene
I don't know why but this scene made me crave for a sandwich real bad. It's one of the early episodes in season one where Peggy was bought lunch from the cart and the sandwich was wrapped in waxpaper. It looked so tasty.

#5: Pulp Fiction. The Big Kahuna Burger
I don't think I need to explain this. This scene made everyone crave for a cheese burger and had me frantically search for a place that sold Big Kahunas.

#4: Super Size Me
Ok, I know this documentary's intentions were to put people off McDonalds. Unfortunately it did the opposite to me. I ran out of the house and bought myself a Big Mac.

#3: Sex and the City Magnolia bakery scene or any SATC epsiode
This scene made everyone crave for cupcakes, so much so that the actual bakery has become immensely popular. Why are they always eating in this show? And they're always at some fancy New York restaurant. It's not fair.

#2: Matilda
Miss Turnbull's chocolate box, chocolate cake scene and TV dinner scene

#1: Hell's Kitchen
Everytime they mention the word risotto, I panic.

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  1. Marie Antoinette - have you seen all those cakes?

  2. That's a good one too, and when Dunst says the infamous line: "Let them eat cake", I get the biggest cupcake craving.

  3. LOL! What a cool post! I'm going for my spoon right now :)

  4. EXTRA: #11: Strudel and cream from Inglorious Basterds. I almost cried when he put out his cigarette on the half-finished strudel. I WANTED IT!



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